Wednesday, January 6, 2010

INTUNIV is working!

Dallas is now on his 16th day of UNTUNIV (8th day of his therapeutic 2mg dose) and doing extremely well. There are still some periods of tiredness that his pdoc is pretty certain he'll adjust to in the next week or so and it has lessened some more each day, but other than that, he's doing better than he ever has! No opposition, no meltdowns, no impulsitity, no reactivity and LOTS of loving, cuddling, lots of "Mom, I love you to infinity-infinity-heaven-infinity" behaviors and overall emotional stability. He told me today that he loves school (??!) and he is just happy as a little clam all day long and wakes up pleasant and happy and goes to bed just the same. There are no huge power/parental struggles anymore, and he's back to being the kid. His appetite has been great, he's following directions and cooperating, homework was a breeze, no signs of agression, anxiety, stress, depression or mania. Upon being questioned, he told his OT that the medicine makes him "feel great", and "all the things swirling in my head have stopped". He made it through his first Christmas season ever like a normal kid and no rages, anxiety, meltdowns or unhappiness.. Such a contrast to just 3 weeks ago! For now, Dallas is the kid I always knew was "in there".

I have nothing but great things to say about this medication, other than I wish it was little less expensive. :-)