Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So far, so good...

Well with 3 full school days under his belt, all is better than expected. He likes his teacher, likes his classmates, likes the cafeteria food (hahaha) and hasn't had a negative word to say about school at all. He's actually been excited to tell me about his day and that is a FIRST. Of course, no homework has been assigned yet, and afternoon is all play time, but still we are free from the horrid after-school med crash meltdowns, spinning behavior, and carbohydrate-stuffing until dinner time. Yay! And best of all, NO ADHD medications at.all. Yet anyway. Which were likely a big part of the problem in the first place.

Last night was the first indication of serious stress in weeks, as he got oppositional right before bedtime, and we witnessed a meltdown that included yelling, disrespectful words, breaking his toothbrush and throwing a bean bag chair, and refusing to go to bed, but no physical aggression towards us as in the past. We maintained an air of calmness, and monotone throughout, simply repeating, "we're not yelling, we're not angry, don't be angry, take a deep breath" and then I had an idea. I thought to ask him quietly if he'd like to be brushed,

I asked if he thought brushing might help him calm down. Well, as soon as I said the words, I saw a physical transformation in front of my eyes -- he kind of wilted a bit, eyes softened, and he let go of all the anger right then and said "please mommy, will you?.." WOW! So we did the brushing, and hugged instead of doing joint compressions, and held each other tight, he apologized with no prompting, and he climbed in bed and fell right to sleep. Yippie!

I can't wait to tell his Occupational Therapist and his Behavioral Therapist how well just the SUGGESTION of brushing worked to divert a full-on meltdown rage! One more tool in our arsenal against the brain monster.



Melissa said...

So excited and happy for you, Dawn :)

Two things stuck out at me:
1) Carb cravings--I had NO idea that could be a BP thing. It made so much sense after I found that out. However, it has been cut drastically once he started medication.

2) Brushing--While we've never tried brushing (but it is certainly something I'm going to research), water has the same effect with Jarrett. When he is getting ready to meltdown, I make the suggestion for him to get in the bath. It seems to instantly calm him, which is funny because I can remember as a toddler putting his hands under running water one time that he was crying and he calmed right down.

Here's to another great day!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Genea carb loads too, she will eat mac and cheese until we stop her.
Anyway, THATS SO GREAT about the brushing redirecting the meltdown!