Monday, September 7, 2009

"You're stupid, Mom!"

That's as bad as it's gotten. Heh. The words of choice during meltdown used to be "I hate you, I'll kill you, I'll kill myself!"... now I'm just stupid.

Can I say how happy hearing this (in comparison anyway) makes me, without letting my kiddo know, and without

In a typical household, a child calling a parent "stupid" would be the worst of the worst. In my house, it's nearly a gift.

Seriously though, my husband and I came to the realization last night that since being on the right medication, our son is looking more and more typical of a normal, albeit slightly oppositional, spirited 7 year old boy. Everything is tempered down and on a more even keel in our household. It's more like living with an ornery teenager at times, but that's manageable, and hopefully just an early preview of things to come. Not only that, he is also quick to apologize and show remorse. REAL remorse, and real emotions, not the forced and fake attachment-disordered brand he once gave us for show. The frightening lows and violent highs don't exist right now, and that's making life so good for everyone, especially for our son. His teacher reported that he's having NO issues in class and has had perfect conduct for the entire two weeks straight that school has been in session. And NO ADHD meds still! Surely she thinks the intro letter explaining his special needs we gave to her was all made up, and she gave me a look like I had two heads. Dallas? Why he's doing perfect in class. One of her best kids. Wow. At home he's laughing and smiling and enjoying life with his usual enthusiastic zest and infectious personality and smile, with just a sprinkling of dare-devilry and mild opposition thrown in to spice things up. I can totally do "stupid" if that's the trade off for having my son be a normal kid.

Matter-of-fact, I think I'll embrace my stupidity today. In my family, that apparently means all is right with the world. :-)

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Brenda said...

This is wonderful to hear!

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Awwwwwwww :)

Perspective RAD said...

Smart is such a false sense of security :)