Sunday, April 4, 2010

The unlucky Baker's Dozen eggs

Our Easter bunny always hides a dozen plastic eggs in our front yard. (easier to make sure all are accounted for). Some are stuffed with candy, and some with money. This morning Dallas only found 11 eggs, since the Easter Bunny apparently had had too many glasses of wine and couldn't remember where she planted all the eggs the night before. Bad bunny!

Our son looked and looked - and we helped him - and he was getting extremely upset - nearing meltdown stage - that he couldn't find #12 but wouldn't give up looking. So being the quick-thinking mom and dad we are, we ducked in the house and grabbed a spare plastic egg that we thankfully had leftover. I asked my hubby for some change or a dollar bill to slip inside, but he only had big bills, and NO change. So he quickly dug in his wallet and handed me the smallest bill he had - a $5 bill to stuff inside. 8-/ Yeah, the Tooth Fairy has gone down that road too... but I digress...

My hubby walked back out with the egg hidden in his pocket, and quietly planted the egg in an easy to find spot, and it was found. It was dubbed the "Golden Egg" and all was right with the world... at least until later on today, when Dallas found egg #13...

Then all hell broke loose, but I'll save the rest of the story and our Easter Day Disaster update for another day. I'm just too tired to rehash it all right now. So much to catch up on here over the last month anyway, but suffice to say things have been extremely difficult lately. Today did end calmly and peacefully however, and with a hug, a kiss and big bouquet of flowers for Mom from my little guy, which my son insisted he had to buy for me when he and his dad went to the store. My son knows when he's gone over the line, and he's feels real remorse when he does. For that, and for these gestures of love, I am very thankful.

Happy Easter everyone!

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