Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Season of change

It's been over a month since I last blogged, and it's an overwhelming task to try and play catch up, but I'll do my best.

The pressure of school is over, and boy what a change in my son from just a month ago! His behavior has begun to look "normal" and he is happy most of the time. It may be just a coincidence and timing of his mood cycles, but my instinct tells me it's more than that. It's as if he's turned an emotional corner of sorts. He is after all now 7 years old, and "mature" as he likes to say.

We celebrated his 7th birthday on June 20th with a bowling party with 8 of his best friends and our extended family, and even a few neighbors joined in. He made a special request that I bake him a "Florida Gators bowling cake with a bowling ball on top". Do what? I am most definitely NOT a baker by any stretch of the imagination, but I did my best. It took me 5 hours. Did I mention I am not a cake baker?

He loved it and that's what mattered.

Dallas is also swimming like a fish this year, and has begun trying to dive... err.. belly flop. He no longer has any fear of the water. We may have another Michael Phelps on on hands!

However, the best part and biggest change is that he can just chill out and enjoy the summer for the carefree time is is supposed to be. Once, where without any structure, he completely fell apart, he is now able to thrive and be flexible. And also relax a bit...

Fourth of July, however, was too exciting for words. Dallas was all about the fireworks. Obsessed by fireworks. My husband tells me it's a "boy thing", and that we aren't raising a future pyromaniac. I guess he'd know, since he spent way too much money of fireworks himself, and it was like watching TWO excited boys, instead of one.

One of the biggest changes however, is that we took him completely off his ADHD medication. It wasn't without worrying about how he'd cope (and us as well) but he's done GREAT. His attention span isn't too great, and we often have to repeat ourselves 3 or 4 times, but his behavior has been manageble, and he's not been so impulsive as to be a danger to himself. Well, not so far anyway.

The other really big change, is that he's begun to cry when his feelings get hurt or he's sad. It sounds like such a simple, normal thing that kids do (and most parents try to prevent the tears!), but for Dallas, it's a huge, positive thing. At first, we were very concerned that he was going into a deep depression cycle and the new-found crying was a warning flag for that. But as time has gone by, we realize that he's instead begun to be able to identify and express appropriate emotions that match his feelings... and feel safe enough to CRY. Understanding his own feelings and emotions has been a 3 year struggle for him, but we do believe he's finally turned a corner. He never even cried about being taken into foster care or losing the people he loved. He confused "mad" with "sad" and it's been a difficult, often volatile journey for him, and for us.

We are so incredibly proud of how far our son has come on the road to healing!

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