Friday, June 5, 2009

Letting go

Children with attachment issues like my son often have a hard time transitioning to, and attaching to people, but then when they do, they sometimes have to learn to let go, and that's even more difficult...

My son has a particularly hard time saying good bye to anyone he's grown to love. When he loves, he loves deeply. Today, on his last day of school, he's saying good bye to his teacher. She's been a presence in his life for 9 months, and this is a very difficult day for him.

Yesterday, we were shopping for craft supplies to make his teacher a gift for him to take her to show our appreciation. While out shopping, he found a tiny paper weight-style heart, with colors swirled inside, like a marble.

This is not the actual heart - didn't get a picture... but to show an idea..

He insisted that he needed to get this for his teacher. When I reminded him that we were making her a flower-pen bouquet, he said we just had to get this too. He then told me that he wanted to do this because, "the colors swirled inside the heart are like mine and Mrs. Robertson's hearts swirled together forever. She will always remember me by it". Wow.

Well, today, on his last day of school, he took the flower pen bouquet we made for her, AND the tiny swirly love heart he chose. And votive candles he also picked out and insisted on, because according to Dallas, "girls love candles".

I hope his last day goes well and he finds the closure he desperately needs, and has sought all on his own. I am so, so proud of my son!


Lisa said...

That is just so precious. Brought tears to my eyes.

Ryansmom said...


He is the most amazing kid. Things can seem so dark and the mountains so high to climb, and BOOM, he goes and does something so sweet and genuine like this. He has the kindest, most generous heart ever, right there, under all the broken parts of it. :*-)

Perspective RAD said...

That is awesome! Thanks for posting!

One Future At A Time said...

These are great photos!! :-) Happy to see a happy family! :) Great post!